Leading Provider of Midstream Services and Twist-LOK™ Case Study

A leading provider of midstream services and one of the largest independent energy companies in North America depends on Jonell for their Filtration needs. The West Texas gathering system has approximately 4,500 miles of natural gas gathering pipelines located across nine counties within the Permian Basin. The West TX processing operations currently have an aggregate processing nameplate capacity of 875 MMcf/d.


Cartridges from the competition had little-to-no differential pressure and filter change-outs were too costly and time consuming

Differential pressure is a vital part of an efficient operation because is is used to detect a contaminated or clogged filter. As the filter collects foreign materials, the pressure in front of the filter builds. As the filter clogs with particles, the differential pressure increases. 

Because the operator was unable to determine the condition of the filters, the elements were being changed prematurely. They also experienced difficulties removing the competitor elements, resulting in longer down-time. 

The competitor elements only offered two media options that did not meet the micron rating efficiencies that were required for their process. 


Jonell Twist-LOK™ elements are offered in multiple media options customized to the customers process conditions. 

By installing the Jonell Twist-LOK elements, terminal differential pressure was established which allowed for a controlled  maintenance schedule. This allowed them to decrease their filter change-outs which reduced their overall maintenance costs. Because of the versatile media options of the Twist-LOK, Jonell was able to construct a media recipe that improved their overall process conditions. The gradient fit sealing system of the Twist-LOK is essential to successfully change-out differential pressure. The result is a much greater ability to seal and reach terminal pressure.


The Twist-LOK™ offers process improvements which customer had never seen.

Jonell was able to offer a media that was based on the customers process condition. The Twist-LOK elements remove more liquids and salts than the competitor cartridge. Due to the numerous combinations of cartridges, the customer can change either stage of filtration to suit their specific process.