Jet Fuel Terminal Case Study

When the terminal received contaminated fuel, Facet supplied the customer with a high-efficiency solution that rendered the fuel safe to use.


Highly contaminated jet fuel did not meet safety standards and needed to be fully functional.

A fuel terminal received a delivery of jet fuel that was contami­nated with water and solids from a multi-product pipeline. Filtering the contamination increased the element consumption for the filter housings by 500%. The increased consumption resulted in a demand for more cartridges than anticipated. Facet had the challenge of providing enough cartridges to filter the contaminants and prevent the terminal from shutting down air travel.


Fac­et provided the FA Series, High Efficiency EI 1590 Qualified Cartridges to eliminate contaminants.

The Facet FA Series microfilter is a qual­ified aviation cartridge that provides solid holding capacity and improved filtration performance. By installing the Facet FA Series, the fuel terminal cus­tomer was able to protect down­stream equipment by eliminating the solid contaminants. Engineers and consultants collaborated to evaluate the vessel housings. The team checked for internal leaks, monitored the DP, and tested the cartridges after every change-out to ensure the filters were performing as expected.


Facet protected vital downstream housings and returned the filter water separators to normal without any interruption to airport fueling operations.

The Facet team collaborated with the fuel terminal staff to restore fueling operations. This helped the terminal avoid a shut down that could have caused delays and cancellations in air travel throughout northwest Europe.