Power Generation

We Provide Forward-thinking, Renewable Energy Solutions

As our population continues to increase, so will the demand for efficient power generation products and solutions. We help you meet the demands of global challenges by ensuring that your power generators maximize its functionality while managing operational costs. As experts in natural gas treatment and conditioning solutions, and liquid and biofuels, we offer unparalleled contaminant removal technologies and solutions for your needs.


  • Custody Transfer
  • Diesel Fuel Storage
  • Hydraulic and Lubricating Fluids
  • Lube Oil Conditioners
  • Turbine Air Inlet
  • Turbine Fuel Gas
  • Turbine and Generation Protection
  • Utility Filtration
  • Water/Wastewater Treatment

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Process Technologies has joined the world’s fastest growing filtration solutions company, Filtration Group. We are global leaders in providing innovative filtration systems and solutions to more than 30 industries. Aviation, Marine Technology, Oil & Gas, and Refineries & Petrochemicals are some of the markets we serve.



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