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Filtration Optimization Consultation

We address filtration and separation needs of customers worldwide to enhance operational efficiency and decrease maintenance costs by providing innovative elements (cartridges) with multiple media options and well-designed housings (vessels) to go with them.

Explore our extensive range of elements or get in touch to organize an obligation free filtration optimization consultation today!

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New Sales Tools

Case studies make great sales tools. We are constantly looking for success stories from our end users to capture how our products have improved their process or saved them money. If you have any customers who would be interested in collaborating on a case study, please let us know.

Here are some case studies we have created for you to use as sales tools.

Case Studies

SEO Best Practice Tips

A great way to boost your website’s presence is by linking to good quality relevant websites and so many of our Partner’s link to our website. Since Jonell became a part of Filtration Group, our website has been updated to represent our expanded offering and brands.

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We would love to support your marketing efforts and support your campaigns. Fill in this form to request co-branded Email Templates for the new launches or any other specific solution you would like to promote in to your customers and prospects.

We will be happy to create the the template for you as an HTML or a pdf attachment if you prefer. We also have a marketing automation system to send it out to your customers if you share the contact details with us so that you can track all the performance metrics like who opened the email, who clicked on links etc.

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