Jonell System Industries

Our technologically-advanced filtration solutions serve customers in major industries all over the world.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

We partner with our customers to solve complex contaminant management concerns while ensuring corporate and environmental sustainability.

Power Generation

Power Generation

The demand for energy and resources continues to increase and our energy solutions are developed to be sustainable and energy-efficient. We are committed to providing solutions that are effective and environmentally responsible.


Refinery & Petrochemical

No one solution works for all applications and no two refineries are the same. We identify the need to deliver innovation solutions that respond to the evolving needs and requirements of each customer.

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Jonell Systems has joined the world’s fastest growing filtration solutions company, Filtration Group. We are global leaders in providing innovative filtration solutions to a wide range of industries including Aviation, Marine Technology, Oil & Gas, and Refineries & Petrochemicals.


We are committed to making sure our filtration solutions and products protect the environment because everything we do today affects our tomorrow.