New Depth Filtration Media Technology

Shield your downstream equipment with our new Tri-Lobal Spiral High Efficiency Long-Life Depth Filtration Platform

Depth Filtration 2.0

  • The patent pending TRI-SHiELD™ media platform has been developed to create superior depth filtration technology to be used in a wide variety of gas and liquid applications.
  • Highly engineered blend of fibers are thermally bonded in multiple unique spiral layers of advanced treated media to provide optimal efficiency, dirt loading, and a reduced cost of ownership to shield downstream equipment.
  • Our blend of Tri-Lobal and synthetic fibers provides a larger effective surface area per media volume and less flow resistance than traditional fibers resulting in extremely high removal efficiencies.

The TRI-SHiELD Advantage

Engineered blend of Tri-Lobal and cylindrical fibers Larger effective surface area per media volume and less flow resistance than traditional fibers. High removal efficiencies with 15X fewer contaminants downstream of the filtration solution.
Proprietary media recipes Greater void space compared to traditional fiber blends providing up to 25% less pressure drop at start-up.Reduced filter change-outs with up to 20% more capacity at same recommended change-out.
Customizable media layers Built to suit challenging applications Filtration flexibility
Coreless designs Economical shipping costs Easier disposal
Polyester and polypropylene with adhesive free construction High chemical compatibility Standard offerings built to suit a wide range of applications
Structural rigidity of the TRI-SHiELD cartridges Needle punched media layers for a stronger bond between staple fibers and binder fibers during cartridge fabrication Less media compression from differential pressure.

Product Range

Gas Range

The TRI-SHiELD media technology has been used to develop a wide range of dry gas, filter separator and gas coalescing cartridges for the oil & gas filtration applications.

Improve Process Efficiencies

Common Gas Applications: Compressor, Suction/Discharge, Custody Transfer Meters, Gas gathering, Glycol Dehydration, Amine Treating, Molecular Sieve Dehydration, Residue Gas, Fuel Gas Conditioning, Syn Gas Cleanup, Mercury Bed Protection, Cryogenic Plant Inlet, Landfill Gas, Catalyst protection, Lo-Nox Burner protection, Propane Re-gasification, Metering Stations, Catalyst protection, PSA systems, Utility & Instrument Air

Liquid Range

The TRI-SHiELD media technology has been used to develop a wide range of liquid filtration cartridges used in oil & gas, chemical, food & beverage and general industrial applications.

Refinery Cuts Operation Costs

Common Liquid Applications: Amine, Glycol, NGL/Hydrocarbon Liquids, Acids & Alkali, Solvents, Catalyst Recovery, Produced water disposal, Lubricants, Cooling Water, RO Pretreatment, Inks, Adhesives, Fabric Coatings, Paints, Dyes, Product Polishing, Bulk Chemical Filtration, Pulp & Paper, Waste Water, Process Water

Media Makes the Difference

Engineered Media | Proprietary recipes | High efficiency & dirt loading

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